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Java Developer at Adyen

Define what’s next in Payment Solutions

The applications are now closed!!

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The applications are now closed!!


If things such as scaling globally, working with international colleagues and partnering with one of the world’s biggest and fastest-growing brands appeals to you, we’re your ideal employer. We are an expanding tech company offering some amazing opportunities to build your future as a Java developer!

About us

If you have ever used Netflix, Uber or Spotify, your transaction was handled by Adyen. In fact, Adyen is the payments technology behind many of the world’s best-known tech and retail companies. While we are growing rapidly, we are still very much at the beginning or our potential. And we are seeking a world-class Java developer to help us achieve our vision of becoming the payments infrastructure of global commerce, revolutionising online payments in the process.

About you

We are particularly interested in your problem-solving and communication skills, and to learn about some of the things you have built. Specifically, if you:

  • Are highly skilled with Java and (Postgre)SQL databases
  • Have experience in building multithreaded applications
  • Have experience working with complex, high-performance platforms

As well as your skills, we are interested in a cultural fit. Our success depends on qualities such as valuing teamwork over ego, the ability to communicate effectively and directly, and not stopping until things work. If you recognise this approach in yourself, let’s talk.

About the role

To maintain our competitive edge as we scale, we organise our work around goal-oriented groups, called streams. These are comprised of both developers and people from commercial teams. This setup ensures you are able to provide input on how our products and services are built and also have immediate feedback on the business impact of your work.

In your stream, you will be responsible for a full development life cycle, from developing, designing, implementing and testing new functionality, to communicating with stakeholders and customers and monitoring the impact of the feature. Some examples of streams are:

  • Checkout: even though ecommerce grabs the headlines, in-store transactions still account for the vast majority of global transaction volume. A huge competitive advantage for Adyen is that we offer big retail brands the ability to accept payments in store, in-app, and on the web – all in one system.
  • Local payment methods: In many markets around the world, local payment methods (such as iDEAL in the Netherlands) account for a large percentage of transaction volume. Our local payment methods stream is continuously building on these capabilities.
  • MarketPay: Our marketplace solution, MarketPay, has recently been chosen by businesses such as eBay and GoFundMe. Over 2018, we will be busy extending the functionality and global reach of this solution.

Perks and opportunities

We offer competitive compensation, including a relocation package, lunch at the office and the opportunity to work in a foreign office as part of our exchange programme. But beyond that, we offer the opportunity to work with amazing developers and commercial people on the infrastructure that underpins the global economy – ensuring the success of billions of transactions and hundreds of billions of dollars in transaction volume globally.
Our development team is made up of over 150 people and includes implementation managers, technical documentation and developers of all kinds. You can learn more about the people and types of things we are working on on the Adyen Tech blog.

The interview process

In the initial interview, we will discuss why you want to join Adyen and if our development style matches your way of working. We’ll talk about what your goals are and the skills you would like to improve. No specific preparation is required, but of course please don’t hesitate to ask any questions before and during the interview.

After this interview, you will be contacted to discuss the next steps. There are at least two further rounds of face-to-face interviews, and between them you will get a take-home coding test.


Once you fill in your email on this page, you will be redirected to Adyen's website, where you can proceed with your application.

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