Stories ROUND 2 Results

It's been an incredible journey, but the second round of has come to an end, so it's time to announce the results.

Success means something different in Amsterdam

Success, accomplishment, purpose – whatever you want to call it, different cultures and countries have different views on what defines success: big houses, fast cars, working ungodly hours at the office. But in Amsterdam, success means something else. Happiness, work-life balance and enjoying life - all take priority.

5 Dutch tech breakthroughs that changed the world

The Dutch capital is known for its acumen for innovation – especially when it comes to ground-breaking new tech. But we bet you didn’t know these 5 tech breakthroughs were made in the Netherlands.

What's it like getting selected? Interview with Pedro Grandi.

We sit down with Pedro Grandi - a seasoned Java developer from Brazil, who relocated to Amsterdam to work for the Netherlands' first unicorn - Adyen.

Amsterdam: home to leading tech events and hackathons

Discover some of the many tech-focused events happening in Amsterdam. The city boasts everything from the world’s biggest tech conferences to intimate events – as well as hackathons that’ll challenge even the most competent of coders. Become part of it all with

10 Netherlands-based initiatives that promote #WomenInTech

It is a well-known fact that the global tech industry is dominated by men. The Netherlands is not an exception. Having said that, there are many local programmes and initiatives that aim to encourage women and girls to consider a career in tech.

Why apply for Interview with Atsushi Sakai.

Still have doubts? Why not hear from a person who actually went through the project: a experience? Our very own Joël sat down with Atsushi Sakai - one of the chosen candidates from Round 1, who relocated to Amsterdam from Japan to become a Senior Business Analyst at

10 reasons tech professionals love living & working in Amsterdam

Tech professionals from around the globe feel right at home in Amsterdam. Here are 10 reasons why. Want to be part of this close-knit tech community? Apply for

If you move to Amsterdam, your kids will learn coding at school

Amsterdam’s tech scene doesn’t just open doors for young professionals and adults with established careers in the tech field. Thanks to the “Coding for Amsterdam” initiative, the youngsters can get in on the action, too.

What makes Amsterdam’s tech scene special?

There’s a reason tech talent chooses Amsterdam. The city’s continued acumen for innovation, its world-class digital infrastructure and its roster of cutting-edge companies and events make it a haven for any tech professional.

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Daniel​ ​Gebler CTO​ ​of ​Picnic