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Amsterdam: home to leading tech events and hackathons

Everybody’s heard about Amsterdam’s vibrant cultural scene, its world-leading work-life balance and its thriving ICT scene. But how many tech events are happening in the Dutch capital? Short answer: a lot. Keep reading for the lowdown on some of the city’s biggest and best conferences, hackathons and events in the world of tech. Become part of it all with


Here are some of Amsterdam's tech events that we can't wait to see take place in the upcoming months.


The Next Web (TNW) Conference | May 24-25, 2018

Every year, thousands of the best tech minds flock to Amsterdam’s stunning Westergasfabriek – a factory turned cultural hub – all to discuss the next big things in tech and design. The leading European festival never fails to feature an all-star line-up of speakers from all corners of the tech industry. TNW really is one experience that’s essential for any tech expert. But don’t just take our word for it: CNBC called it “the most intimate technology festival on the planet,” and VICE reported that “it was both terrifyingly interesting and interestingly terrifying.”


In addition to the chance of working for leading Dutch tech companies, the 10 selected applicants will get to attend this incredible event as a special guest.


appril festival | April 11-13, 2018

It’s all apps in Amsterdam with appril festival, which takes place in – you guessed it – April every year. What began as a humble community-based event for app developers is now the Netherlands’ biggest app business festival. But it certainly hasn’t lost its community vibes. The programme features inspiring speakers, exciting interactive sessions, expert panels and networking opportunities galore. Expect the latest in AI, VR, AR, IoT and other abbreviations that’ll inevitably come out of the tech scene. 


React Amsterdam | April 13, 2018

The clue’s in the name, but this one-day two-track conference is dedicated to all things React. Frontend developers from across the globe will gather at React for talks, demos and networking. The conference is undoubtedly amazing, but what sets it apart from the pack are its pre- and post-event training sessions and workshops, which give attendees the chance to learn directly from the conferences expert speakers. There’s even an official Slack channel for more networking opportunities and events in the city.


Codemotion Amsterdam 2018 | May 8-9, 2018

2018 marks the third year that Amsterdam has hosted Codemotion. The massive tech conference boasts more than 60 talks and five parallel tracks addressing the hottest issues for software developers (everyone from game devs to FinTech programmers). It also includes a startup showcase, where promising young tech companies can grab the opportunity to enroll top developers and present their product to developers, engineers and international companies. Expect to see the latest developments in DevOps, IoT, machine learning and beyond at Codemotion Amsterdam 2018.


AmsterdamJS | May 31 - June 1, 2018

This 2-day event focuses exclusively on JavaScript development. The AmsterdamJS conference is a place where inspiring talks meet fresh ideas and good people. You’ll hear all you need to know about the latest trends in JS tech, see stellar speakers, meet new friends and colleagues, and connect with key people in the industry. Plus, all of that in one of Europe's top destinations - Amsterdam.


World Summit AI | October 10-11, 2018

World Summit AI's programme features innovation showcases, presentations, panel discussions, focus groups and workshops on all things artificial intelligence. Over 4,500 attendees will discuss, debate and join forces to positively influence the AI industry. The forward-looking event not only seeks to improve the sector over the next few years but indefinitely. 


Coincidentally, the first ever edition of World Summit AI, that took place in October of 2017, was tied to the very first edition of Back then, the chosen candidates got to attend this incredible event and hear speakers from Google, NASA, Netflix and many more thought-leaders from the AI sector.


The following events are already in the past, but we can't wait for their future editions!


Frontend Developer Love Conference | February 15-16, 2018

The Frontend Developer Love Conference is a 2-day conference with 21 speakers covering multiple Javascript/ Frontend case studies. While the first day is dedicated to all things frontend (Reactjs, Angularjs and Vuejs), the second claims to be the largest Vuejs Conference to ever take place in the world, with over 750 Vuejs enthusiasts present under one roof. Over 1000+ people join both days of the Frontend Developer Conference to listen to Google Developer Experts, Vuejs Core Contributors and a range of high-quality speakers from around the world.


Tech020 | February 22, 2018

As many computer-science graduates will know, students often have a tough time getting a foot in the door of the tech industry. Not in Amsterdam. In addition to the city’s many other educational tech programmes, Tech020 invites students to connect with programmers, developers, gamers, hackers, startups and hiring managers – all to introduce the up-and-coming talent to high-profile companies. Moving your family to Amsterdam will give your kids all the tools they need to follow in your footsteps. And applying for project: a is your key to becoming part of this thriving ecosystem.


Mircosoft Tech Summit Amsterdam | March 28-29, 2018

This free event from the world-leading tech giants themselves gives developers the chance to build their cloud skills with help from the company’s top engineers across Azure and Microsoft 365. Whether your forte is app development or delivering optimized solutions, this summit will help you hone your craft, expand your skillset, network and get inspired. As well as insight-packed keynotes, the programme typically boasts workshops, job coaching, exam training, one-on-one events with speaker and hackathons.


Hackathons | all year round

Speaking of hackathons, Amsterdam is full of them. And all types of companies host them – from startups and scale-ups (including partner, Adyen) to massive corporates (we just mentioned Microsoft above, right?) But it’s not just ICT companies that host these events: Amsterdam’s hackathons have taken place to solve issues in several industries. The recent Smart City Hackathon had developers working together to come up with smart city solutions, and Heineken’s recent HACK A BEER event gathered coders to pool together their knowledge of data to help the company get smarter with data usage.


You know what makes attending all these amazing events easier? Working in Amsterdam’s thriving tech scene! Luckily, applying for is your chance to score an interview with some of Amsterdam’s biggest and best tech companies. During your stay in Amsterdam, you’ll even get to attend TNW Conference as a special guest. And flights and accommodation are on us!


Apply before April 15th!

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