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If you move to Amsterdam, your kids will learn coding at primary school

Amsterdam’s tech scene doesn’t just open doors for young professionals and adults with established careers in the tech field. Thanks to the “Coding for Amsterdam” initiative, the youngsters can get in on the action, too. The programme ensures that primary-school kids are taught coding at the very start of their educational journey. And if you take advantage of project: a and make the move to Amsterdam, your kids will be set for life as well.


A different type of education in Amsterdam

Uprooting your life and settling in a city far away from home can be pretty scary – especially if you’ve got kids. Boasting great education facilities – including daycares, traditional Dutch schools, colleges and international schools – the Dutch are no strangers to investing in the future. With the Coding for Amsterdam programme, Amsterdam is embracing the changes that the 21st century brings and arming children with important skills to secure their future.


Established by StartupAmsterdam and the ABN AMRO Foundation, Coding for Amsterdam aims to implement coding – and other nifty 21st-century skills – into the curriculum at primary schools across the city. Launched in 2016, the awesome initiative believes that teaching children how to code better prepares them for the future. We can’t argue with that. project: a is your chance to move to Amsterdam to take the next big step in your career – and, thanks to Coding for Amsterdam, it could be your child’s first big step towards a tech career as well.


Benefits of teaching children to learn how to code

While technology is rapidly changing the world around us, our society is transforming from an industrial to an information society – with a huge impact on the way we live, learn and work. We all know that coding is arguably one of the most crucial skills in this ever-growing digital age. Teaching children how to code at a young age will create a strong tech talent pool that is essential for startups, scale-ups, corporates and innovation, and it means they will face fewer obstacles when entering the job market, which – let’s face it – is what we all want for our kids.

In addition to giving children the skills they need for the jobs of the future, there are many proven benefits to learning digital skills in the classroom. These include enhancing their computational thinking and facilitating creativity – contributing to a child’s personal and professional development. Pretty neat, right?

If you want a chance to bring yourself and your family into Amsterdam’s incredible tech ecosystem, apply to one of the project: a jobs now.

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