Living and working in Amsterdam

Consider Amsterdam as your new home. Many already have. And for many reasons.


Get anywhere in – and out – the city with extensive cycling and public transport networks

At only 219 square kilometres, Amsterdam is simple to get around and easy to explore. Dedicated cycle lanes promote cycling as the preferred mode of transport and help to encourage a healthier lifestyle. The city also boasts a fast, reliable and efficient public transport network that includes metros, buses, trams, ferries and trains to help you get around the city and wider Amsterdam area. The award-winning Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has frequent links to Europe and the rest of the world.

Soak up the vibrant city life and rich culture after hours

Don’t be fooled by Amsterdam’s village-like charm, the European capital is packed with exciting options for lovers of theatre, film, comedy and opera—even if you don’t speak Dutch. Amsterdam is home to world-famous museums showcasing Rembrandt and the old masters as well as an up-and-coming contemporary art scene. Or catch your favourite music performances including pop, rock, jazz, classical and contemporary music at intimate clubs or bigger arenas around the city.

Raise the world’s happiest kids in a welcoming, comfortable and safe environment

Dutch children are among the happiest in the world, making Amsterdam a great place to raise a family. The city offers a welcoming, comfortable and safe environment for kids of all ages, and there are plenty of things to do and see, too. From family-friendly cafés, playgrounds and parks to petting zoos, you’re never far from fresh air and open spaces. The city also offers a high standard of education facilities, including daycares, traditional Dutch schools and colleges as well as international schools.

World’s #1 work-life balance leaves plenty of time to enjoy life beyond work

Leading the 2018 OECD Better Life Index, the Netherlands has the best work-life balance in the world. According to the report, only 0.5% of Dutch employees regularly work very long hours—the average in OECD countries is 13%. Work responsibilities are also shared among Dutch families, with the number of women in employment around 70%. Only 1% of Dutch men work more than 50 hours per week with the number for women too small to measure, leaving around 16 hours per day to enjoy eating, sleeping and leisurely pursuits.

Thriving business ecosystem, plentiful career opportunities and exciting startup scene

The Netherlands is one of the most competitive business locations in the European Union. With a host of networking opportunities, numerous European headquarters and a large variety of industries based in Amsterdam, job opportunities for internationals are bountiful. Amsterdam's startup scene is flourishing, offering even more options on the job market –including starting your own business, of course. Don’t worry if you can’t speak Dutch yet, the business language in most international companies is English.

A modern, flexible and entrepreneurial workforce attracts diverse international talent

Amsterdam boasts a modern, productive and internationally oriented workforce with an informal business atmosphere and flexible work environment. While the standard work week is 40 hours, more than half of the Dutch working population works part time. The egalitarian, highly tolerant and entrepreneurial spirit of the Dutch has attracted diverse talent from around 180 different nationalities, making it easy to feel at home.

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