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ROUND 2 Results

Woah, what a ride this has been! First and foremost, we would like to thank YOU: the job seekers and the simply curious, the window-shoppers and the applicants, the sharers of the project: a message and the candidates who went through several stages of interviews - thanks to you, we can safely call the second round of a success.


A bit on numbers.


The website attracted over 73,000 unique visitors from countries such as: Brazil, USA, UK, India, Germany, South Korea, Kenya, Canada and Romania. The interest has been truly international!


Around 50,000 people saw the project: a trailer video on Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin and Twitter.


And finally, by the time we've closed all application pages, a little over 2,700 people have expressed their interest in our 10 vacancies by leaving their email.


Since we closed applications on April 15th, our companies have been hard at work, combing through the applicants, screening them, assessing their technical skills and whether they're a culture fit. Each company has received anywhere between 100 and 300 applications! That's a lot of CVs to process in a couple of weeks...


We can now officially announce that 8 people have been selected and invited to come to Amsterdam!


If you're among the 8 chosen candidates that we're talking about - WAY TO GO! Your future employer will assist you in arranging your visa, your trip in a couple of weeks and the potential relocation.


If you've gone through several stages of interviews with one of the project: a companies - well done as well! Don't feel discouraged if you haven't been selected and invited. Amsterdam's got plenty more companies and exciting projects to apply for.


Still looking for a job in Amsterdam?

If you're still interested in finding a job within Amsterdam's tech sector that does NOT require you to speak Dutch, check out Iamsterdam's Job Finder


These are also some of the most popular job boards used by Amsterdam-based startups, scale-ups and tech giants.



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“project: a not only brings companies in contact with talent, but also solidifies Amsterdam's status as a tech knowledge hub for many diverse industries.”

Jan Joost Kalff Co-Founder & CCO of Dimebox