Work Life

Consider Amsterdam as your new home. Many already have.

In Amsterdam, it’s not about finding the perfect work/life balance. Work is a crucial part of your life, but what a life it is! You work your life in Amsterdam! You code, build, create and design, but also cycle to work and enjoy a beer with colleagues after a productive day. You try, experiment, succeed, fail and learn – and that is all part of your life here.


Your talent, your ideas and your innovation are always welcome and encouraged in Amsterdam!

Here’s how your life in Amsterdam can look like


Here’s why Amsterdam is the #1 choice for you:

– High quality of life
– English at a native level
30% tax ruling for knowledge migrants
180 nationalities: an inviting international community
– Affordability compared to other European capitals
– Open-minded and forward-thinking people
– Easy commuting (first thing you buy here is a bike)
– A large number of international schools
– And before anything else: a good work/life integration


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